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The Baths is a major tourist attraction in the Virgin Islands.

On the island of Virgin Gorda, which is among the British Virgin Islands, there is a marvel known as The Baths. The Baths is an exquisite natural feature that includes several exotic pools and other jaw-dropping sights that have been formed by enormous boulders that lie on the sandy beaches. The other sights include the likes of several hidden compartments whose only sources of light are small to medium-sized openings and other marvels.
Huge boulders have created stunning pools.
Huge boulders have created stunning pools.

Thanksgiving Family Vacation in the BVI

Bring the Whole Family to the BVI for Thanksgiving!

The British Virgin Islands is the perfect spot for any family vacation, especially when your activities, accommodations and meals are included. On Cuan Law, you can expect all of this, with a high level of personal service you would normally experience at a five star resort.

The BVI has beautiful weather throughout the holiday season, and all of your island favorites have been open and thriving for some time. The infamous Willy T is now located at Peter Island with the likes of Cooper Island Rum Bar and Pirate’s Bite hosting various holiday parties and events. The trade winds and temperatures are just right for an escape with the family to explore the beautiful BVI.

The holiday season not only brings gorgeous weather but all some of the clearest waters that are perfect for a morning dive or snorkel at the Caves on Norman Island. For guests not interested in diving, there are many other ways to enjoy the water like snorkeling, kayaking, hobie cat sailing and stand up paddling. We also take daily island excursions that include hiking, sightseeing and learning about local history and culture.

For many, the best part of Thanksgiving season is the food, and Cuan Law does not dissappoint! Our culinary team are excited to produce all of the holiday favorites including roasted turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy and assorted pies and desserts. All meals are included in your vacation including buffet breakfast and lunch, snacks throughout the day and a plated dinner in the evening. Don’t forget to stay hydrated at our full service bar featuring classic Caribbean cocktails, beer, smoothies, sodas, and juices.

Finding a way to celebrate all that you are thankful for this year is easy, book your BVI family vacation on Cuan Law! We can take care of all your needs create memories that last a lifetime.

BVI Honeymoon All Inclusive

You’ve tied the knot, cut the cake and posed for the photos, now your’e ready for a BVI sailing vacation! Begin your adventure in Tortola by boarding our 105 foot trimaran where our friendly crew will greet you with cocktails and an exciting BVI sailing itinerary.

Island Excursions
Your all inclusive sailing charter in the BVI starts with Cuan Law, here are a few highlights you can expect from the trip.

Norman Island – A quick sail over to Norman Island passing the Indians and anchoring near the Caves for a few hours of snorkeling and diving. The views for dinner are truly break taking with the sunset dipping over St. John from the aft deck. Guests love to explore the caves at Treasure Point, an emerald green lagoon that inspired Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.

Virgin Gorda – Spend the afternoon hiking down to explore the Baths through magnificent natural boulder fields. Cool off a bit with a swim around Devil’s Bay before heading over to Spring Bay for our beach bbq. Our staff provides a fun beach front bbq with cold drinks, grilled burger and hot dogs, fruits, salads, desserts and more.

BVI Christmas Vacation

Tis the seasons to start planning your Christmas holiday sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands! Trade in your boots and snow for flip flops and white sand beaches this winter with a week on Cuan Law. We all now how quickly the holidays arrive and now is the best time to get your vacation plans sorted. You can save on flights and rest easy knowing your escape to the BVI is settled before summer starts.

The BVI features beautiful weather all year long, especially in December with average temperatures around 80 degrees. Along with blue skies the water is especially clear which is the perfect setting to discover the best dive sites in the Caribbean. Guests not interested in diving can spend the day snorkeling, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding in the calm waters around Cuan Law.

We love island excursions as much as diving and our guests wake up to a new island everyday. Bring your favorite hat and sunglasses for an afternoon hiking the world famous Baths in Virgin Gorda. Then cool off with a swim around Spring Bay before we sit down for a fun beach front BBQ served by our friendly staff. There is always time to explore a new beach or hiking path, don’t forget to bring your camera!

Everyone indulges a bit on vacation and with Cuan Law all of your food and drink are included. Right after sunrise our chefs are busy in the kitchen preparing for a buffet breakfast. Lunch is also a buffet served around noon featuring the likes of fresh baked pizza, taco day, fresh salads, BBQ, and local seafood. A recent review on TripAdvisor boasts “The meals were always exceptional as Chef Kellie deftly accommodated our low carb and high protein requests. And Exceptional is an understatement. REALLY excellent and unique provision! We had a Filet that was better than any steak I have had in Texas!”.

Trying to find the perfect holiday gift for your family can be daunting, but rest assured a sailing on Cuan Law in the British Virgin Islands will create memories to last a lifetime. Family and friends of all ages will cherish the time spent together exploring the BVI.

Reka & Sam scrubbing the deck

Reka & Sam scrubbing the deck

When we are not on charter, the crew is always busy cleaning, polishing, and performing maintenance. It is a full time job to keep the boat in tip-top shape, ready for our next guests to arrive.

Seen here, Divers Reka and Sam are scrubbing the back deck. While teak is long lasting, it still must be constantly cleaned of salt spray, and every corner and nook and cranny scrubbed and rinsed thoroughly.

Chris performs maintenance on the mast

Chris performs maintenance on the mast

When we are not on charter, the crew is always busy cleaning, polishing, and performing maintenance. It is a full time job to keep the boat in tip-top shape, ready for our next guests to arrive.

In the above photo, Captain Chris has been hauled up the mast to clean and lubricate the track for the main sail.

Kat cleaning the salon

Kat cleaning the salon

When we are not on charter, the crew is always busy cleaning, polishing, and performing maintenance. It is a full time job to keep the boat in tip-top shape, ready for our next guests to arrive.

In the photo, Steward Kat is cleaning and polishing all the furniture in the salon.

Chef Patrick Wilson – New Cuan Law Chef!

Chef Patrick
Chef Patrick

We are delighted to welcome aboard our new chef! Get to know a little bit more about Chef Patrick Wilson.

Welcome to Cuan Law! Can you tell us a little about yourself and what brought you to be our new chef?
Well, I went to culinary school in Chicago in 2003. Back then I very distinctly remember setting a goal that some day I was to be the chef on a large ship in the Caribbean. I’ve spent the last 15 years of my professional career working toward that goal. I have traveled all over and have eaten at some of the best restaurants on the planet. I’ve been fortunate enough to work at some very reputable fine dining establishments and collected knowledge from many well known and respected chefs. I am extremely excited to bring this knowledge to the guests of Cuan Law and look forward to providing a level of cuisine only found on the highest end of live aboard charters.

What is your favorite thing so far about working on a boat?
I love the water! I want to be on the water. I want to be in the water. Food and water are the essentials of life. I have a profound respect for both. SCUBA is my favorite water activity. I love that I am able to enjoy doing this with the guests a few times a week!

August 2018 Charter Recap

Another fun week on Cuan Law exploring the British Virgin Islands. We had some really nice weather with winds around 20 knots most of the week. The visibility underwater was pretty good as well especially when diving the RMS Rhone at Salt Island. Guests spotted several nurse sharks, eels and turtles during the dive.

Our island excursion began with a hike on Salt Island to explore the salt ponds and views. The hike takes about 30 minutes and provides sweeping views of the bay below. We anchor nearby and this bay provides a calm setting for the evening dinner.

The following day we setup for diving on the north side of Tortola with a stop at Brewers Bay. Guests enjoyed water skiing, hobie cat sailing and kayaking between dives with a mexican inspired lunch and salmon dinner.

The fun continued over at Guana Island the next day with a dive at Alice in Wonderland and Angelfish Reef. During our lunch our more adventurous guests decided to go for the cliff jumping on a nearby rock. Exploring the bay with the kayaks a few guests spotted some green sea turtles.

Our most popular day is always Virgin Gorda because guests hike the baths and enjoy a beach side BBQ in Spring Bay. Our new crew member Kelly, lead the group thru the Baths National Park hike and down to Devils Bay. Guests enjoy snorkeling and swimming the calm waters and white sand beaches. After the hike we head over to Spring Bay for the beach BBQ where Chef Kellie and crew had a delicious spread of burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, fresh fruit and cookies.

We ended the charter with a surprise as one of our guests was celebrating a birthday. Chef Kellie hand made the cake complete with edible coral and reef fish!