The following is a sample sailing itinerary and is subject to change depending on weather and sailing conditions.

- Sail to Privateer Bay, Norman Island
- Check out dive at Sandy's Ledge (1)
- Fun times snorkelling
- Night dive at The Caves (2)

- Move to S.E. tip of Norman's Island
- Dive at Brown Pants (3)
- Move to Kay Bay, Peter Island
- Dive at Willy T wreck (4)
- Move to Little Harbour, Peter Island
- Sailing with Hobie Cats, Hike to old Chubb Estate ruins
- Move to Great Harbour, Peter Island
- Night dive at The Fearless (5)
- Move to Lionhead Rock, Salt Island
- Dive at RMS Rhone, bow section (6)
- Fun sailing on Hobie Cats
- The story of The R.M.S. Rhone
- Dive at RMS Rhone, stern section/Rhone Reef (7)
- Hobie cats, hike on Salt Island
- Night dive at The RMS Rhone, bow section (8)
- Move to Manchioneel Bay, Cooper Island
- Move to Markoe Point
- Move to Thumb Rock
- Dive at Thumb Rock (9)
- Move to Haulovers Bay
- Dive at Wreck Alley (10)
- Sailing Time
- Night dive at Vanishing Rock (11)
- Sail to Ginger Island
- Dive at Alice's Wonderland (12)
- Sail to Maountain Point, Virgin Gorda
- Dive at Kodiak Queen (13)
- Fun times on Hobie Cats
- Sail to Great Dog Island
- Night dive at The Chimney (14)
- Move to Great Dog, Coral Garden
- Pre-breakfast dive at Coral Garden's Sharkplaneo (15)
- Sail to Fort Point, Virgin Gorda
- Shore trip for BBQ Lunch
- Visit to The Baths
- Dive at The Aquarium (16)
- Sail to Great Harbour, Peter Island
- Sail to Road Town, Tortola
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