Duncan & Annie Muirhead Duncan and Annie Muirhead started out in the live aboard sailing and diving tourism business with the launch of their first boat, the Misty Law in late 1969. They ran this boat themselves for many years doing five Atlantic crossings as they spent the summers in Greece and the winters in the BVI. Keen divers themselves in the early seventies they realized that diving was going to become a main stream sport, so they stopped their European adventures and pioneered the concept of living aboard a diving boat and they settled in the BVI. At that time, there was only one other pioneer in the whole world and that was Paul Humann in the Caymans.

The demand for this type of diving tourism exploded so Annie and Duncan got together with a charterer, Hal McCarney who built boats. In 1978 they created their first effort, the Lammer Law, designed by Duncan and built by Hal. But Annie needed more beds so in 1988 the second aluminum trimaran, the Cuan Law was built. After some changes in demand the Lammer Law was moved to the Galapagos, and the Misty Law was sold.

Annie and Duncan have believed in a simple philosophy. Take good young people and train them to work together in a friendly atmosphere but never forgetting that good service is paramount. That has been a great pleasure in their lives - to see young people develop their characters so well. Also to provide a boat for their guests that mimics a small luxury hotel with lots of activities to try. Treat non diving companions as equally as important as divers. Add really good food and the latest in a long line of amazing chefs certainly provides that!

In 2017 Annie and Duncan retired but their legacy lives on and both are very free with advice to daughter Sasha and manager Kim who has almost grown up with the company having been around for 30 years and counting. Both do a fabulous job.

The heart of any ship is its crew and this is even more important in a Floating Hotel. All our crew are very energetic and fun loving with a great service attitude. They have their individual specialties but all pitch in as a team and cover for each other. We normally carry a crew of seven: Captain, Engineer, Chef, two Stewards, and two Divers.